Tips on how to conceive the fastest way

how to conceiveLearning how to conceive requires couples to understand all factors that surround conception, including the methods and technological advancements that make conception and pregnancy easier. Nevertheless, many methods with scientific and medical backgrounds only require practical approaches. Sometimes too, deliberately applying methods in trying to conceive is unnecessary as many healthy couples only need to focus on their overall physical and emotional health. Many couples successfully conceive just by being healthy, happy, and positive.

The tips to be discussed below on how to conceive are strategic, practical and also scientific to ensure successful conception the soonest time possible.


Take prenatal vitamins with folic acid or folate.

Folate or Folic acid is an essential nutrient that prevents birth defects. Women who regularly consume their dose of folic acid also have a higher chance of conceiving in the first three months. Where possible try and get natural organic sources of folate via green leafy vegetables rather than supplements alone. If you have MTHFR please consult an Nutritionist on best diet to follow and refrain from foods containing folic acid as it may not be adsorbed. 


Have a preconception checkup.

There are many reasons why couples fail to have a child in the first two years when trying to conceive. Many of these reasons are easily treatable and reversible when diagnosed early. A gynecologist can guide a couple to the right path by suggesting dietary supplements, asking both man and woman to change habits, and recommending them to undergo treatment when necessary.


Monitor ovulation period.

There is no better time to have sex and trying to conceive than when the woman is ovulating. Ovulation is the time when matured egg cells discharge from the ovary, ready to merge with matured sperm cells from a man.

The couples have to know the time of the month when she regularly gets her menstrual cycle. This will be their basis, which should be counted as day one. Since most women have a 28-day cycle (28 days before the next cycle), the average peak of fertility is by day 14, give or take three days.

This method comes with a high success rate, and can be more beneficial to couples who have sex infrequently. Nevertheless, it may be inaccurate for women whose menstrual cycle is irregular, as well as those who have longer or shorter cycles.

What if the woman takes birth pills? Can she stop taking it right at the 14th and get pregnant right away?

Yes, women can get pregnant as soon as they stop taking birth pills, which is the opposite of an old conventional wisdom that a woman has to wait for at least two weeks.

For women with irregular menstrual cycle, they can check their cervical mucus instead starting from the seventh day after their cycle up to 14th day, give or take another three days. Fertile mucus is slippery and thin, which is the couple’s go signal to have sex.

Many women do not prefer this method though as it can be uncomfortable. The mucus is taken from inside the vagina with a finger. Although the sensation is more of discomfort than of pain, it is still important for couples trying to conceive to discuss this option thoroughly.


Learn how to conceive with the right sex positions.

trying to conceiveSpecific sex positions said to guarantee impregnation are considered by the medical community as myths. However, while no scientific study is available to back up claims, there is one study that points out why some sex positions improve a couple’s chance of conceiving. Specifically, these are the missionary position where the woman lies flat on her back and the man penetrates from the top lying face down, and the doggy style where the woman is on all fours and the man penetrates from the back.

These positions are the best positions to put the tip of the penis closest to the cervix. They improve the possibility of the sperm cells reaching their destination by allowing them to travel upstream before getting discharged. Standing and sitting positions can still get a woman pregnant, but they are less likely to do so as the sperm goes downwards faster than they would in missionary and doggy style.

Experts also advise that the woman stay lying for another 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that the sperm goes straight in. However, there is no truth in raising the legs for 15 minutes as the pelvis does not move anyway.


Stay positive and happy as much as possible

Stressing over getting pregnant too much is a bad habit as stress hormone (cortisol) somehow affects the chance of conceiving. Although the reason is not 100% sure, many experts attribute this to cortisol’s effect on estrogen and other sex hormone production. Some experts also attribute it to cortisol’s bad effect on the immune system, which makes a woman less healthy to conceive.

Other ideal methods on how to conceive can be discussed by a gynecologist, so couples trying to conceive are advised to consult.

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