How to Cure infertility Naturally

With the increasing number of infertility cases, couples are seeking ways to cure infertility naturally. In the United States, around 11% of women ages 15 to 44 are infertile. Women are often blamed for infertility, but around 40% of infertility cases are actually caused by the man’s sperm quality. The good news is, couples can treat infertility naturally. The results of natural infertility treatments are not instant, especially if there are multiple problems to be addressed.

How Can You Cure Infertility Naturally?

Get rid of toxic chemicals

Common Causes InfertilityBefore you attempt to cure infertility naturally, you must first know the possible reasons why you are having problems conceiving. That way, you can provide your body with the proper means to balance the hormones. In addition, no matter how clean your diet is, if your body is overwhelmed with external toxins, your hormone levels will remain imbalanced. The common hormone disruptors are toxic chemicals. These chemicals are often acquired from food, air and water. Non-organic food is filled with pesticides and artificial hormones (GMO products). Consume only organic dairy products. Dairy is not the greatest source of calcium so it’s best to take calcium supplements instead. Milk is sourced from cows when they’re pregnant, therefore accounting for the excess estrogen among women and men. In fact, artificial hormones have been linked to endometriosis and PCOS.

Plastic containers and aluminum cans continually leak toxins overtime. Paint fumes, dry-cleaning products, air fresheners, aluminum-based deodorants and cigarette smoke are also “silent killers” of fertility. Make sure that you drink only distilled or mineral water and never tap water because it contains traces of heavy metals. Reduce your exposure to toxins first, this will help your body in seeking natural ways to cure infertility.

Detoxify your Body & Help Treat Infertility Naturally

Your body is doing its best to preserve you. It is doing its best to minimize the effects of toxins and heavy metals to your body so it’s natural that it has accumulated a bothering amount of toxins overtime. Focus on detoxifying your liver, colon and kidney. Any efforts to cure infertility will not be optimal if your organs are soaked in toxins. Exercise at least an hour thrice a week to sweat toxins out. Today, there are fertility cleanse programs that provide an overall cleanse to cure infertility. The program lasts two menstrual cycles for women.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight or underweight contributes to infertility. Cholesterol is important in distributing healthy amounts of sex hormones all over the body. However, too much fat disrupts ovulation in women. In men, excess fat constricts blood vessels, resulting to weaker erections and poorer distribution of nutrients for the sperm cells. Calculate your BMI and make sure you stay within the healthy height-weight ratio. This can be a very effective example of how natural treatment for infertility can work for everyone.

How is Your Immune System?

Technically, an embryo is a foreign object in a woman’s body. It makes sense that the immune system would get rid of it. However, when a healthy woman is pregnant, the activities of her body’s natural killer cells are suppressed to allow the embryo to develop into a baby. This is why pregnant women get sick easily. When a woman’s immune system is overactive, the natural killer cells aren’t suppressed, resulting to the embryo being eliminated. Women allergic to dairy and gluten have overactive immune systems. They are advised to have an igG immunoglobin test or to avoid dairy and gluten when trying to cure infertility.

Check for Infections

Some cases of STD are asymptomatic. Chlamydia is an STD that commonly leads to infertility by causing sperm abnormalities among men and blocked tubes among females. There are many options for curing different kinds of STD, so it pays to have you and your partner checked.

Track Your Cycle

Women are not always fertile during their menstrual cycle. Ovulation occurs just before the luteal phase, usually around the 14th day of a 28-day cycle where the 1st day is the 1st day of menstruation. The basal temperature increases with ovulation, so it pays to check your basal temperature, too. Couples should have sex every 3-4 days a few days before and during the fertile period.

Maintain a Fertility Diet

Your body needs the proper nutrients to balance hormones. Replace refined carbohydrates and sugars with complex carbohydrates and raw food sugars. Consume healthy fats such as omega 3 and start sourcing protein from vegetables. Couple a healthy diet with supplements. Maintaining a hormone balancing fertility diet is perhaps the essence of your efforts to cure infertility naturally.

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