Fertility and Aging

How can you cure infertility naturally when it is your age that plays the major role? Is it true that women over the age of 30 have less chance of conceiving? Most women feel comfortable having a baby when they are financially stable, which usually happens when they are in their late 20’s or early 30’s. The best age or conceiving a baby is usually sacrificed for work or studies. When couples finally have the means to support a baby, the chances of infertility are already high.

To Cure Infertility Naturally, does Age Really Matter?


Yes, a woman’s age determines the quality of the egg cells. The egg cell quality starts to decline once a woman hits 30 years old. At 35, infertility and chances of miscarriages rise dramatically. By the age of 40, less than half of women have the capability to conceive or keep a healthy baby. The means to treat infertility naturally becomes more complex and holistic to compensate for the slowing down of certain biological processes. Ideally, a couple must get pregnant before the age of 35. The chance of conceiving twins increases from the age of 35, but it’s not worth risking just because a couple wants twins. At 50, infertility is almost at 100%, although very few numbers of women get pregnant during menopause.

When a woman ages, she produces less estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for thickening the endometrial lining. Progesterone prepares the zygote to embed. The level of luteinizing hormone (LH) also declines. LH is responsible for promoting ovulation or the release of egg cells from either of the ovaries. To cure infertility, it makes sense to eliminate the toxins that promote hormonal imbalance and to consume foods and supplements that compensate for the low estrogen and progesterone levels.


Men, on the other hand, remain fertile for a longer time. Even 70-year old men can father children. However, this doesn’t mean that men are immune to infertility. Men over the age of 35 have 15% less chance of becoming a father. To cure infertility, consider the man’s age. Women whose husbands are at least 5 years older than them also have lesser chance of conceiving. The sperm quality declines as men age. The sperm’s morphology or shape becomes abnormal (e.g. broken tails, deformed heads, etc). In addition, more sperm cells become “slow swimmers.” Most sperm survive only up to 4 hours in the womb and if they swim slowly, no sperm may reach the egg. Healthy sperm cells can survive up to 48 hours but with age, sperm quality declines.

To cure infertility in men, sufficient levels of testosterone must be maintained in relation to their age. Men should also reduce their dairy intake because cheese and milk contain a lot of artificial hormones, including cow estrogen that counters the effects of testosterone. The temperature of the scrotum should be around 34˚C, 3˚C cooler than the body temperature (37˚C). Just like women, men’s BMI also affects their fertility. Their waistline should not exceed 40 inches. Exact hormone levels in men can be determined using blood tests.


Ovarian Reserve Test

If you are wondering how to cure fertility while considering the number of remaining egg cells you have, considering having an ovarian reserve fertility test. Ovarian reserve fertility tests are ideal to determine the quantity of remaining eggs cells. The quality is usually determined by a woman’s age. Some single and married women have their “young” egg cells frozen in a facility so that when time comes, they can have them fertilized in the future. It may not be a way to cure infertility naturally, but it’s good to know the options women have nowadays.


Honey and Cinnamon

Raw honey and Ceylon cinnamon are commonly used to treat infertility among older men and women. Women with PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, adenomyosis and infertility due to Type II diabetes will benefit from Ceylon cinnamon (not just ordinary cinnamon). Ceylon cinnamon lowers the body’s insulin resistance. High insulin resistance is a factor in miscarriages, excessive fat retention, and food cravings. To use cinnamon for infertility, take 3 to 4 grams of powder daily.

Men who take 2 tablespoons of raw honey at night for two weeks can improve their sperm quality. If coupled with royal jelly and bee propolis, men and women will experience improved libido. Royal jelly also improves egg cell quality. Try cinnamon and natural bee products to cure infertility naturally.


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